Who Are We?

And what are we doing here?

So… what’s with the name?

I know you’re probably thinking: wow, guys, you misspelled asterisk. Not quite. It was kind of on purpose?

"Asterisk" is a word pioneered by our a cappella group that describes a more complex, revolutionary symbol (encompassing an asterisk). In fact, an "asterik" is fashioned by placing a five-pointed asterisk (that way, it looks like a little man!) inside the circle of a male symbol. "Ri(c)k" is also a common guy’s name.

Get it?! Yeah, it’s okay. It took us a while to understand what the heck was going on too. The "asterik" was part of the original insignia circa 1996 (somewhat reproduced below). HEY, we take pride in not making sense.

Who is Asterik?

We’re a group of guys who love to sing and have a good time. Simple. as. that.

You’ll never catch us taking ourselves too seriously. We love to entertain, and we do so through song, jokes—whatever works, really.

The best way to get to know asterik is through the articles and photos linked below.



Get to Know Us:

Take a look at this NBN article OR

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this short documentary style video OR

this video about a freshman in Asterik OR

this slideshow by the Daily Northwestern from our 2011 winter show.

Our Shows

Asterik began all the way back in 1996, but we started regularly performing quarterly concerts in the fall of 1998. Each show has had a theme, and each theme has been beautiful. Sometimes, we also share the stage with other heavyweights of Northwestern entertainment such as Mee-OwSignificant OthersThe Titanic Players, and Freshman 15. Some of our older show themes have been lost to the sands of time, but below is a list of all the ones we have on record. Enjoy!

Year Quarter Theme Featuring…
2015-16 Spring Another Roast of Asterik [a collection of roasters]
Winter Asterik Featuring F15 / F15 Featuring Asterik Freshman 15
Fall Asterik Makes America Great Again
2014-15 Spring A Roast of Asterik [a collection of roasters]
Winter Blackout Freshman 15
Fall Asterik Holds Winter Auditions The Titanic Players
2013-14 Spring Asterik is NOT the father
Winter Drinking Buddies Freshman 15
Fall Asterik Becomes a Man
2012-13 Spring Asternauts: Asterik in Space
Winter Mustachio Bashio Mee-Ow
Fall The Oregon Trail
2011-12 Spring Asterik: an Intervention
Winter Beach Show
Fall Asterik in 2D
2010-11 Spring 40 and Lovin’ It Asterik Alumni, Mee-Ow
Winter Asterik Takes Some “Me Time” (Asterik’s Last Show Ever)
Fall Don’t Worry, It Won’t Last Long
2009-10 Spring Each of Our Favorite Sandwiches
Winter Another Quickie Significant Others
Fall Inglorious Basteriks
2008-09 Spring Dr. Asterik
Winter ???
Fall The Costume Party Significant Others
2007-08 Spring Asterik Presents: Presents
Winter A Quickie Significant Others
Fall 465 Pounds of Candy Significant Others
2006-07 Spring Asterik and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Winter Sexual Tension Significant Others
Fall The Kids Are Alright
2005-06 Spring The History of the World, According to Asterik
Winter Asterik: Out of Hiding
Fall The Bar Show Nevin’s Pub
2004-05 Spring Will Sing For Beer
Winter ???
Fall ???
2003-04 Spring Late Night with Asterik
Winter ???
Fall ???
2002-03 Spring ???
Winter ???
Fall ???
2001-02 Spring ???
Winter Titanic: the Musical
Fall Enchantment Under The Sea
2000-01 Spring ???
Winter ???
Fall ???
1999-00 Spring ???
Winter ???
Fall ???
1998-99 Spring Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful
Winter Sheep Herding and Loving It!
Fall It’s Rather Large, Isn’t It?