How do I audition for this manly bunch?

First, sign up for an audition spot online at Then, prepare about 16 bars of a song you think shows off your range, style, and personality. Don’t lose sleep over what genre you sing, just sing a song that makes your voice sound good. After you produce your 30-45 seconds of vocal honey, our music director will take you through scales and a simple vocal exercise. We’ll also ask you to tell a joke or funny story.

All in all, auditions are quite stress-free. Wow us with your pipes, make us laugh, and HAVE FUN, DAMMIT.

What are callbacks like? 

I’m so glad you asked! If you're called back, you will be given a cut of music to learn. You will sing the cut in small groups so that we can hear the way your voice blends with others and then we'll hang out and eat large amounts of pizza.

Can I audition for more than one group?

Yes indeed, just remember to fill out a preference sheet if you are called back to more than one.

How much of my life will I be signing away if I get in?

We generally rehearse about 4 hours a week, put on a show each quarter, and perform at various gigs during the year. We also take a road trip during one of the breaks, and every once in a while we'll record a CD. You'll still have plenty of time to do others things, like perform in plays (or hang out with your new friends in Asterik!).

Anything else?

Our e-mail is on the contact us page, so feel free to send us any questions you might have. Also, make sure to take a trip to the NACCA page on Facebook, where there will be regular updates about the common audition process for all of Northwestern's 10+ a cappella groups.

And now, a selection of audition promo videos from years past: